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Inspired 2 Change: A Change Agency

Our business is to change your business.

At Inspired 2 Change, we equip leaders, curate cultures, empower people, enlighten learning, and enhance organizational performance by catalyzing change at the core of what makes your company click – its people!

Changed People Change Companies

By focusing your efforts and our expertise on your people – the core component, actual horsepower, and ultimate assets of your business – we can bring about significant and sustainable changes to your:


Leaders. We equip leaders to empower people. 

Culture. We curate cultures that unleash people’s potential. 

People. We empower ordinary people to live extraordinary lives. 

Learners. We enlighten learning to bring significant change to people.

Performance. We enhance performance to ensure everyone wins. 

Our business is to change your business by inspiring change in your people. 

Changing Organizational Culture from the Inside Out


i2C’s Approach:

We define our work differently at Inspired 2 Change.


Our services, programs, and products are crucial but not definitive. They serve as a means to an end. Our job is to inspire significant change within leaders, people, and culture that will cascade throughout the organization and serve it over the long haul. 


We've taken the road less traveled in learning and development because we believe significant and sustainable change requires inward change focused on character more than just one's capability. It's an approach rooted in this mantra: "That which is in me comes out of me and will draw people to me or drive people away from me." 


We strive to make internal core changes in people that can make life extraordinary for ordinary everyday people and the organizations they serve. 


Our holistic approach is hard work for the organizations we serve – hard work with high return.


What We Do

Our work is to help people become better versions of themselves, to give them the insight necessary to live the lives they aspire to lead, and the strength of character to switch from simply surviving to successfully thriving by applying the ancient principles and state-of-the-art practice we provide.


We want to unleash people's and organizations' potential to mark this world for good. That's our wheelhouse, and we're good at it.


Instructional Design Services

We customize corporate curricula and learning experiences according to your organization’s unique change needs.


Train the Trainer

We enlighten facilitators, educators, and learning specialists to be instructional change agents who lead others into personal and professional transformation.


Leadership Development Services

We prepare leaders to effectively empower their people, enhance organizational performance, and affect positive cultural change.


Organizational Culture Curation

We create organizational cultures that care for the people.


People Development Courses

We offer workshops, seminars, and immersive learning experiences that change people’s lives, alter people’s perspectives, and spark significant changes.


Keynote Speeches

Our speeches connect with people, arrest their attention, and invite them to make meaningful personal and professional changes. 

A Different Kind of Change Agency


We claim to be a "No Consults Given!" company. Our maxim is an intentionally irreverent tongue-in-cheek expression used to prod ourselves and point those who partner with us to our core commitment – the promise of change.   


We're open to bringing our experiences, insights, and leadership and development advice to the table. We welcome opportunities to share our collective expertise, our wide range of products, and our services. We're confident that the learning and development platform we've curated for our clients is the best in class. 

That said, we're keenly aware of what our products or services, actions, and efforts are and what they are not. They are a means to an end – an end we work to keep top of mind.

David's deep understanding of facilitating adult learning and ability to transfer that knowledge to me was incredibly beneficial to my career. David taught me how adults learn, how instructors need to guide them, and how to make what was taught to them actionable. David is an expert at provoking thought, building confidence in his learners, and promoting personal and professional growth.
 - Jerad Heitzler, FOUNDATIONS™ Training Manager for Martin Engineering
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